Urgent Alert: Police Firing on protestors against land acquisition for Kanhar Dam at Sonbhadra

14 April, 2015: Uttar Pradesh Police fired on protesters against illegal land acquisition for Kanhar Dam early morning today on several hundred dalits and adivasis on Ambedkar Jayanti. One adivasi leader Akku Kharwar from Sundari village along with about 8 other persons have been grievously injured in the firing and lathi charge by the police.

Thousands of men and women with children are assembled at the site to intensify the protest against the construction of the dam on Ambedkar Jayanti. The protesters were carrying the photo of Baba Saheb to mark the day as “ Save the Constitution Day”. The police fired arbitrarily on the protesters led by the women from the several villages to be affected by the dam. Several women are injured. The firing was led by the Inspector of Amwar police station in Duddhi Tehsil, Sonbhdara, UP.

Condemn this criminal Act and Join in the struggle of the people who are fighting against the illegal land acquisition and constructing the dam on Kanhar river.